Or How to rehearse the entire Verdi Requiem in 4 hours.

Saturday, 16th May 2015

If you were unable to attend, all we can say is you missed a treat! The experience to rehearse and sing the Verdi Requiem for 4 hours with David Hill was an absolute pleasure.

It is difficult to know where to start describing the day, as every single moment was inspiring and great. Whether it was learning the notes, changing the section’s sound quality or singing with a hundred-strong choir – David Hill inspired all of us, young to less young, to perform at our best. It was so much more than just singing!! It was only when we stopped at 4 pm that we realised how exhausting 4 hours of practice were.
To ensure everyone stayed concentrated the lunch break featured coffee and tea en masse followed by cakes, cakes and cakes.

And we are not alone in thinking it was brilliant :
„David is […] natural, friendly, interesting, funny, supremely musical and above all, not full of himself, and totally knows what he is doing.“
„We […] don’t always enjoy such prestigious company.“
„It was great to have some strong T1s leading the charge from the CUMS choir. I should have expected it but you are quite obviously a better choir than others I’ve rocked up to […]. Having a few other T1s who could give a decent lead helped me cope much better than I expected with sight reading the music and made the whole experience that much more enjoyable.“

Maybe new singers have been inspired to audition? Please contact our Chorus Registrars at chorus.registrar@gmail.com !!